Our Research and Publications

1) American Folio

Worn In Ohio
by Anne Bissonnette (May 2012)

Gettin Tough
by Roxanne Harde (February 2012)

2) Alberta Institute for American Studies Newsletter

Newsletter (July 2011)

3) American Briefing Notes

by Russell Cobb (September 2011)
by Greg Anderson (Oct 2010)
by Karim Jamal (June 2010)
by Geert De Cock (Feb 2010)
by Dr. Greg Anderson (September 2009)
by Geert De Cock (December 2009)

4) Occasional Papers

Comparative Perspectives on Mitigation Banking and Watershed Management:  Illinois and Missouri, Nova Scotia and Alberta
by Lars K. Hallstrom and Nicholas Guehlstorf (April 2013)

by Susan Smith and Stephen Mawdsley (March 2007)
by Holly Ameden, Sean Cash, D. Angele Vickers and David Zilberman (March 2007)
by Anne McLellan (March 2007)
by Wayne Renke (March 2007)
by Moin Yahya, Cameron Hutchison & Remus Valsan 

5) Books, Academic Journal Articles, Book Chapters

AIAS funded research regularly results in scholarly publications.  The following works resulted from projects funded by the Institute in past years:

Susan L. Smith and Stephen Mawdsley. “Alberta Advantage: A Canadian Proving Ground for American Medical Research on Mustard Gas and Polio in the 1940s and 1950s,” in Locating Health: Historical and Anthropological Investigations of Health and Place, ed. by Erika Dyck and Christopher Fletcher (London: Pickering & Chatto Publishers, 2011).

Allison M. Hutchison, Kellie Draper, and Anne Sales. “Public Reporting of Nursing Home Quality of Care: Lessons from the United States Experience for Canadian Policy Discussion,” Healthcare Policy 5(2) (2009), p. 87-105.

Andras Marosi and Nadia Massoud. “You Can Enter but You Cannot Leave... – U.S. Securities Markets and Foreign Firms.” Journal of Finance 63(5) (October 2008), p. 2477-2506.

Brian H Rowe, Rita K Cydulka, Chu-Lin Tsai, Sunday Clark, Douglas Sinclair, Carlos A. Camargo, Jr. “Comparison of Canadian versus United States emergency department visits for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation.” Canadian Respiratory Journal 15(6) (September 2008), p.295-301.

Runjuan Lui and Daniel Trefler. “Much Ado about Nothing: American Jobs and the Rise of Service Offshoring to China and India.” NBER Working Paper No. 14061 (2008).

Constance Smith, ed. Canadian Perspectives on US Policy: Essays from a US policy workshop. Edmonton: Institute for United States Policy Studies, 2007.

6) Op-Ed Articles 

"Place a Call to Mexico" by Michael Dark, Greg Anderson, Anne McLellan. The Ottawa Citizen. May 23, 2009.