Undergraduate Certificate in American Studies

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ANTHR 286       Topics In Regional Anthropology
ANTHR 311       North American Prehistory
ANTHR 484       Topics In Arch And/Or Biol Anthropology - Plains Archeology
AUENG 270       United States Literature Since 1865
AUENG 370       United States Literature to 1865
AUENG 371       United States Literature since 1865
AUHIS 250         United States History to 1865
AUHIS 251         United States History Since 1865
AUHIS 356         History of the United States West
AUHIS 358         History of United States Foreign Relation to 1914
AUHIS 454         The United states Civil War Era, 1846-1877
AUPOL 233        United States Government and Politics
AUPOL 346        United States Foreign Policy
ART H 208         Survey Of American Art
ENGL 355         American Literature and Culture: American Minority Literature  
ENGL 356         American Literature and Culture: Reading American Technologies
ENGL 357         American Literature and Culture: Reading American Ideologies
ENGL 358         American Literature and Culture: Early American Writing-Colonial, Revolutionary, Antebellum
ENGL 359         American Literature and Culture: Reading American Origins
ENGL 360         American Literature and Culture: Race and Belonging in American Writing
ENGL 361         American Literature and Culture: The American Modern - Postbellum and Early 20th Century
ENGL 362         American Literature and Culture: Toward the Now – Later 20th and Early 21st Century
ENGL 308         Aboriginal/Indigenous Literature:  Intellectual Traditions
ENGL 360         Race and Belonging in American Literature
FS 371               Contemporary Hollywood 
HIST 250          American History to 1865
HIST 251          American History Since 1865
HIST 351          History of Women in the United States
HIST 352          History of American Minorities
HIST 353          History of American Medicine
HIST 357          American Colonial History
HIST 450          Topics in American History 
HIST 453          Topics in 20th Century America
HIST 454          Topics in American Women's History
HIST 459          Topics in American History Since 1945
HIST 488          Topics in the History of Medicine
POL S 332        Introduction to United States Politics and Government
POL S 334        North American Politics
POL S 390        Law and Politics
POL S 458        United States Foreign Policy
POL S 483        United States Constitutional law
POL S 484        Issues in United States Politics and Policy
RELIG 379        The Religions Of Aboriginal North Americans
SOC 343          Social Movements 
SOC 344          Media Culture And Society
SOC 345          Cultural Studies
SOC 346          Media And The Production of Culture 
W ST 320         Popular/Feminist Culture